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VP-ASP Hosting Reseller Program

Make Money from our technology!

Are you a developer, ISP or other retailer wanting to provide an affordable, comprehensive e-commerce hosting solution to your clients? Then becoming a VP-ASP Hosting Reseller is just the thing for you!

Our reseller discounts work based on how many hosting accounts you have with us. So for example if you have two acounts you would receive a 10% discount on each account.

If you have five accounts you woud receive a 16% discount on each account.

The breakdown is as follows:

1 - Full price
2 - 10%
3 - 12%
4 - 14%
5 - 16%
6 - 18%
7 - 20%
8 - 22%
9 - 24%
10+ - 25%

When you sign up a new account, all of your existing accounts receive the higher discount as well, not just the latest sign up!

Sign Up as a VP-ASP Reseller

Other benefits and notes:

  • The first fee on sign up is at full price. All subsequent invoices are at the relevant reseller rate.
  • Any discount receivable on existing accounts is applied immediately upon sign up
  • You must read and agree to our reseller agreement.

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